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Detective Conan 183

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DDL: Mega, Zippy
BT: Torrent

Detective Conan 429-430

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DDL: Mega (429, 430), Zippy (429, 430)
BT: Torrent

Detective Conan 258-259

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I've been hanging onto these episodes in an almost completed state since August, because they were going to be given to M-L to finish up (with video paint edits and the other typical M-L adjustments). Then they got snagged (especially during movie 17 crunch) and I made a name for Baaro, and the need to have a M-L label on an ep to let people know it was a trustworthy sub was lessened.

DDL: Mega (258, 259), Zippy (258 (Part 1, Part 2), 259 (Part 1, Part 2))
BT: Torrent

Lupin III Part III 04 (+v2 of 02-03)

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DDL: Mega (02v2, 03v2, 04), Zippy (02v2, 03v2, 04)
BT: Torrent

The old release of 2-3 was based on the old DVDs, before the remastering... Now all episodes to date are based on the remaster.

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