Lupin III Part I (Full Series)

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I'll get back to the rest of this later.

BD source looks like hell in HD because of the frozen grain, this is why Discotek didn't do BD and why I didn't do HD.

3, 4, 10, 13, 23 have commentary tracks.

BT: Torrent


I screwed up the checksums for 17-19 (why does this happen, I'm usually careful about this!). The proper names/checksums for these episodes are:

Lupin III Part I - 17 - Lupin, Caught in a Trap [CF&B][CB03C446].mkv
Lupin III Part I - 18 - Keep an Eye on the Beauty Contest! [CF&B][12A81625].mkv
Lupin III Part I - 19 - Which Third-Generation Will Win_ [CF&B][741D7FA5].mkv

The XDCC reflects these changes; the torrent does not.

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