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Dragon Ball Kai 123

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At 3:40, as the news flash comes up, there are two beeps - sorry, this is a source issue.

BT: Torrent, Magnet (untested)

Dragon Ball Kai 122

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BT: Torrent Magnet (untested)

Detective Conan 027v2, 028, 112 (Remastered)

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BT: Torrent, Magnet (untested)

Dragon Ball Kai 121

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BT: Torrent

Dragon Ball Kai 120

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BT: Torrent (Alternate)

(There seem to be some issues with nyaa again so I added another tracker to the torrent file.)

Dragon Ball Kai 119

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Stuff's been going a bit crazy for the past few days; our usual tracker's down, our TLC hasn't been around (most likely because of Real Life concerns), and someone with an entitlement complex got butthurt because it was taking longer than usual to release Dragon Ball Kai...

1. We're doing all we can, guys. We're a small group with 3 people total working on everything. Occasionally stuff happens that we can't do a damn thing about.

2. A couple people have been trying to advertise other groups' speedsubs here, which were caught by Disqus' spam filter. Sorry, but linking to other groups or their releases is obviously a no-no.

3. Our translation checker does get quite busy, and this is a side project of a side project for him, so it's obviously going to take some time to get that taken care of, and while I can translate well enough not to need to rely on him, it's been recognized that the resulting drop in quality makes it not worth it.

4. DBK takes significantly longer to encode than any other series I work on, and often I have to do it twice, because the unlocked TS from NST usually shows up after I've already encoded and uploaded the clocked raw from Fuji TV. (Not encoding from Fuji is certainly not going to speed that up.)

Anyway, I threw together a torrent and the file is available, as usual, on IRC from [Baaro]XDCC and [Baaro]XDCC2 on #fusion-rips on

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