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Dragon Ball Kai 127

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BT: Torrent or Magnet (untested)

Detective Conan Movie 1

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This video is 1280x692 - resized to 1280x720 and then the small letterboxes removed. The same method was used for the other Conan movies in the queue.

BT: Torrent or Magnet (untested)

Dragon Ball Kai 126

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BT: Torrent, Magnet (untested)

We're looking for cappers who receive J-One (from France), or NST or Tokai TV (from Japan). If you would like to help and can provide this, contact Licca in #fusion-rips on irc.hoshinet.org.

Dragon Ball Kai 125

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I suppose you could say I'm in a little better mood than last week.

BT: Torrent, Magnet (untested)

As you may or may not have heard, Crunchyroll will be starting simulcasts of Detective Conan soon. Reports are they are not picking up reruns at this time (though may do so at a later date).

So what does this mean for you?

  • Baaro does not sub weekly episodes of DC. We don't have the resources for that and never have, though we have provided material support to The Moonlighters' subs. This will probably not be changing.
  • The Moonlighters, however, will be ceasing their weekly subs. But as long as said episodes are not covered by Crunchyroll, M-L still intends to finish up, and they'll merely draw a line in the sand where CR picks up the series. We have been providing additional support for them since Puto's hospitalization and this will continue as long as needed.
  • As far as we know, neither Funimation nor Crunchyroll intend at this time to cover the middle episodes (including the large number of ancient subs of sometimes questionable quality which Baaro has made it a point to redo). This means Baaro will continue to sub these episodes as far as we can.

Also, in the coming months, we have several nearly complete episodes which we will be able at last to finalize and release, including the Itakura arc (Silent Witness Left Behind/Contact with the Black Organization), so stay tuned.

Dragon Ball Kai 124

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BT: Torrent or Magnet (untested)

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