Dragon Ball Kai 128

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BT: Torrent or Magnet

We're only human, you know, and it's been a busy week for all of us (I, for example, had some running around to do on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday because of the first of the month and elections; the rest of us were also tied up part of the week). We only just now were able to get around to finishing this, because our crew is quite small compared to most other groups (3 on the DBK project, which is probably our largest).

Just hang in there. If there's no sub yet, just hang in there. All this "is it out yet, is it out yet" is annoying to no end. We're not dropping the show, we just have real life and other business that comes first.

BTW, we're still looking for potential cappers of the French network J-ONE and/or the Japanese TV stations Tokai TV or NST as they are a higher quality video source for DBK. (We no longer have an NST capper.) If you can help us, please contact Licca on #fusion-rips at irc.hoshinet.org.

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