DBK: So, what's the holdup? Kai

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As you may or may not be aware, Baaro Fansubs borrows staff from The-Moonlighters to work on Dragon Ball Kai. Part of our DBK team has expressed a preference for getting a couple almost-finished episodes of another series ready to release which have been lying around for a while, and therefore the remainder of the team will be unavailable to work on DBK until then. I can't say I blame them.

This leaves me two options:

  1. I could just finish the most recent episode myself, and settle for the massive quality drop that would entail (note the translation "quality" of Lunamentens speedsubs from back in 2010, which is what two of the M-L staff joined this project to avert).
  2. I could wait until the rest of the team is ready, releasing in batch if necessary.

As much as I would rather not have the episodes held up this long, at this point I would still prefer that this week's episode be held back until the rest of the team is ready, to maintain the standard of quality that we have been able to achieve until now. I might change my mind if a backlog starts piling up.

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