Dragon Ball Kai 131 & Update

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We were going to hold this off for an hour or so and see about releasing this together with 132, but unforeseen circumstances with our raw caused that to be held up.

Instead of holding this up even longer than we already have, we figured it was best to release 131 now, and while waiting for the final edits to 132, to fix the raw problem (which will take quite some time despite being a very minor problem, since it requires a full re-encode to fix). Most likely the rest of the episode will be done by then, or not too long thereafter.

Remember, we're not a large group and we've been fortunate to be able to release what we have so far.

And to the entitled idiot who spammed our blog with 23 comments about how "you suck and need to drop DBK"... You do realize there's only one other group bothering with DBK, and they're several weeks behind? You'll be waiting far longer for them than you'll ever wait for DBK from us.

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