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Detective Conan 744-745

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Ever since the situation with Puto's lung that slowly deflated our attempts to subtitle Dragon Ball Kai as well as The Moonlighters' attempts to sub Detective Conan, things just haven't been the same. Reality set in, and people who I know would absolutely love to help just aren't able to for whatever reason, and I'm the only one with no life, so I wind up picking up the pieces.

As I've said elsewhere, I'm not a very good editor, and I'm a terrible translator, but I had a fairly well-progressed sub of these episodes underway when things were falling apart at M-L. With the blessing of the translator who did DCTP's manga at the time, M-L had been using DCTP's manga as a base to try to speed the subs up a bit. As M-L was going through some trouble I separately obtained permission to use the translations if necessary (and thanks to said translator I had a full TLC on 4 older episodes as well), but I held out, hoping that the crew would be able to find the time and energy to finish the projects as they were, the high quality of subs we've come to expect.

Well, no one's really got the time for fansubbing anymore. People have lives, they have stuff they need to do - I just happen to be sufficiently nuts that having any sort of real existence is difficult, and the closest I have to contact with the outside world most times is IRC.

I was asked to try to make something of the unfinished subs. I'm sorry it's not as good as what you could get from a genuine M-L sub, but I assure you, it's not by any means for lack of trying. I've been wracking my brain for a couple weeks trying to figure out the last maybe 5% of the episode that couldn't be pulled from the manga scripts, because again, I'm not really a translator. I do believe, or at least hope, that this sub is an improvement over whatever else is out there already.

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