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Usually I don't entertain people who try to spam the site to promote their own encodes or whatever, but I got a comment in my spam filter that I felt merited attention (although the commenting engine wouldn't let me delete the link and then post the comment with edits, so my only choice was to leave it in the trap).

This person says he checked the Baaro XDCC bot and found "just TV rips with pretty low quality". Apparently he has a vision problem: apart from the "remastered" episodes, none of our episodes prior to 453 (and we have subbed many episodes prior to 453--in fact almost all our Conan subs are from that period) are DVD rips at a minimum.

Although episodes 453 and up are, in fact, TV rips, they are HDTV rips, and come from the best available sources, and are encoded to the same standards as the DVD rips. They should be higher quality than DVD rips, and they are certainly higher resolution. In all cases the raws are from as close to source as possible - the original DVDs, the original VOD streams, the original broadcast transport streams - and are never taken from publicly available encodes (unless said encodes come from our own staff, or those of our sister groups on Hoshinet).

I suspect the real reason for the comment was that the poster merely wished to pump his own raws. As, again, I could not delete part of the comment and let the remainder stand, I had to leave the comment unapproved; as there was no way to make this post make sense in a thread, I felt it necessary to create a separate post on the blog to clarify matters, in case someone else thinks we use substandard public raws on our releases.

So a funny thing happened...

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I wound up getting involved with Kienai Fansubs on Detective Conan: Episode "ONE", and now I'm part of the group...

This doesn't mean that Baaro will cease to exist, but we'll be working together on improving some of the older episodes of Detective Conan, which had in the past 5 years been my bread and butter.

It's also why there's been a bit of radio silence on my end as of late.

I'm getting ready to work on the last leg of the Japanese cut of Dragon Ball Kai. Fortunately, I won't be working from TV rips...unfortunately, apart from a possible offer from the old translator to provide me with a translation of the final ending theme, I'm not going to be able to get the old (proto-DragonTeam) group back together, as they've moved on.

This is more to bring closure to the project, although I know it's been a couple years since I've touched it, since I've had a couple people ask about it, and I think I can do it without much difficulty by using the longer international cut as a base, much as in the previous days I used the original DBZ as a base. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get bluesun back to translate the final ending, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to motivate myself to go back and finally upgrade the earlier episodes to BluRay source. I'll do what I can.

Back in November 2014, I started getting raw rips of Detective Conan in HD, starting from the first episode when they switched to widescreen, from satellite TV in Japan. I hung on to these rips, and did encodes from them, but I really wanted to use them to make subtitles - especially for episodes which were originally not available to the subbers in HD, and which were only released in the measly resolution (standard at the time) of 704x396.

For a while, I didn't do anything with the opportunity. Making bad blood with DCTP is not something I want to do, even now. But here was this chance - to make bad subs good and to make good subs better - and I didn't want to let it pass by. The idea of Project DCHD is to take DCTP's subs which were originally released only in 396p, give them a coat of paint, and put them on new 720p raws. I will credit them as completely as possible.

Here's some improvements I intend to make:

  1. The song translations are completely redone, mostly by bluesun (of The Moonlighters). Other boilerplate translations are generally edited to match The Moonlighters and Baaro Fansubs conventions.
  2. Timing and typesetting completely redone from scratch out of necessity. This also means sometimes, line breaks are changed.
  3. As far as ability and/or availability permits, additional editing and TLC is done. Some of these episodes, let's be honest, really need it. You occasionally find a line that's a complete howler.

I would like to emphasize that these are not official DCTP releases, they're Baaro releases adapted from DCTP's work.

BT: Torrent

Server went boom!

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The server running this site crashed a few days ago, and I only had a backup of the site from May.

I'm not going to try to reconstruct all the missing posts.

I have been working on some Conan stuff, but I've got some other Conan stuff that I haven't finished and would like to release alongside it, so it might be a day or two before I release it (I hope not).

First: Anyone who e-mailed me, check your spamtraps - I know several people e-mailed me from gmail and they send my mail to spam by default.

Second: I was feeling a bit better and decided to time another sub. Bad choice - but I was able to finish that. Sorry to whoever I offered DC209 - I'll have to give you something else :( (unless you want to test your chops on it).

Currently, my focus has been on Detective Conan episodes where in many cases I have a complete translation base (sometimes two or more) to work from, rather than Dragon Ball Kai where I'm often missing stuff, and prefer to have an actual translator fill that in. (The only ones who've been available for Baaro have been The-Moonlighters' translators. You know how that's working out - their main translator's computer bit the dust and their other translator's had more important stuff to do.)

I may have mentioned, but for Conan, I have a good chunk of the series from where Funimation left off with semi-official subtitles as aired on the Los Angeles TV station KSCI. These cover episodes 128-131, 150-155 and, currently, 157-343. Apart my usual policy of not touching DCTP or Kienai's episodes without a valid reason, I have been trying to focus mostly on this - as if I have to, I can do it alone, although the results still won't be very pretty. (They're quite accurate as translations go, but occasionally they deteriorate into "all your base are belong to us" Engrish.) This is where I will probably continue to focus Baaro's effort as long as that's where I feel it is best expended.

As for DBK? If we manage to get up to capacity, I'm willing to continue both where I left off and at whatever episode is then airing. I don't see it as a priority because apart from the theme songs, I feel it's bound to get a release here eventually, at at least the same level of quality as the subtitles we've been putting out. (Funimation used the same translator for DBZ and DBK, although DBK is newly translated. We just used the old Z subs and gave them some polish.) For that reason, I've had DBK on the back burner until we're back up to capacity.

Some people have asked: Why not join up with some other group? The shows I sub are mostly niche, while a lot of other groups favor what's new and happening. There's not many shows that X other group would be interested in doing that I'd also want to do. And as for anything which CrunchyRoll has - We did Sailor Moon Crystal for a while because the subs were raw studio translations and needed the cleanup. Later eps no longer needed that, so we stopped (until the US release, when sister project Fusion-Rips can pick up what we did). But in general, we don't see the point of "fixing" CR subs - they're just fine as they are. Maybe if they get BD releases.

Detective Conan 291-293

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This sub is a bit rough around the edges, admittedly, but I think it's not bad, and improves on what was out there before.

Anyway, I think I'm starting to get a repetitive strain injury from timing, so I might need to slow down a bit. Extra TLCs, editors and timers would be more welcome than ever right now, I think. :(

BT: Torrent, Magnet
DDL: 291, 292, 293 (ZippyShare)

In my last entry, as well as the comments, I brought up some of the issues that had been affecting Baaro lately. I was actually surprised at the reaction, since I was under the impression that it was the Nyaa posts, not the blog posts, that people were reading - and often they were the same, but I made a lot more posts on Nyaa which included many raw releases, as well as my work with other groups.

Over the past several years, I'd gathered a power team (bluesun, Puto and SakoeraTyan; you may know them as the main crew from The Moonlighters) who helped me on my projects and who I helped on some of theirs. Before this I had, at best, a revolving door crew who would come and go. I'd like to thank everyone who's been with me all this time.

Well, it turned into a single point of failure, as I've been relying on bluesun because I'm only a mediocre translator at best, and he's pretty good, but there's been nobody else I could ask for help. And as I said on the last entry, when he's in a slump, he's really in a slump. So really, I need to find people to help me with the projects which he and the rest of M-L's team had been helping me on in the past (which means, basically, Dragon Ball Kai, Lupin III Part 3 and classic Detective Conan).

I guess the tl;dr of this is, I really need to build a Baaro fansub team, you know, translator/translation checker, editor and such, instead of simply borrowing the only people I've been able to count on since 2011.

In addition to contacting me here, my e-mail is or I am usually around in #fusion-rips on

DBK: *sigh*

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I've got 5 eps in the queue just waiting on translation check, and have been sitting there for weeks. This doesn't include the 2 more episodes that haven't even gotten past me because the queue of episodes beyond me was so long.

Any of you who followed The Moonlighters' progress on Conan may be familiar with the situation: translator (in this case translation checker) has something go wrong, insists everything is fine, so as far as everyone else knows, everything's fine. Then some time down the road, we find out, everything was not fine, but we were being kept in the dark the whole time, probably because he didn't want to let us down. Which leads to everyone else being forced to keep up a fa├žade - because as far as we know, nothing's wrong, everything's just peachy! But it's not.

A couple weeks ago he lost his main computer to a power surge - and he said he'd redownload the files onto a spare computer to work on, so we didn't think much of it. We kept going on figuring it wouldn't take too long before we'd be able to get at least partly caught up. And we waited... and waited...

I'm sorry that I had to say this. I don't want to drop this project. I still don't intend to drop it, although I understand most of you aren't going to care one way or another when I finally release any further DBK, because Unison's out there. (I don't watch other groups' subs of projects I'm working on, so I don't know how good or bad Unison is.) I've had to give an ultimatum and say I'd make an attempt to finish those 5 episodes alone if they couldn't be in my hands by the end of this week. The 2 (soon 3) following, I'll probably have to do without a translation checker as well - it shouldn't be too bad apart narrations and previews, and hopefully my editor, who has a job now, will still have the time to pitch in.

The bright side of all this is DBK is absolutely finite. The end is in sight. That couldn't be said about the other projects I've tried to pick up. Even if I can't keep up with weekly airings, I will try to at least see this thing through to the end.

DBK: So, what's the holdup? Kai

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As you may or may not be aware, Baaro Fansubs borrows staff from The-Moonlighters to work on Dragon Ball Kai. Part of our DBK team has expressed a preference for getting a couple almost-finished episodes of another series ready to release which have been lying around for a while, and therefore the remainder of the team will be unavailable to work on DBK until then. I can't say I blame them.

This leaves me two options:

  1. I could just finish the most recent episode myself, and settle for the massive quality drop that would entail (note the translation "quality" of Lunamentens speedsubs from back in 2010, which is what two of the M-L staff joined this project to avert).
  2. I could wait until the rest of the team is ready, releasing in batch if necessary.

As much as I would rather not have the episodes held up this long, at this point I would still prefer that this week's episode be held back until the rest of the team is ready, to maintain the standard of quality that we have been able to achieve until now. I might change my mind if a backlog starts piling up.

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