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I'm getting ready to work on the last leg of the Japanese cut of Dragon Ball Kai. Fortunately, I won't be working from TV rips...unfortunately, apart from a possible offer from the old translator to provide me with a translation of the final ending theme, I'm not going to be able to get the old (proto-DragonTeam) group back together, as they've moved on.

This is more to bring closure to the project, although I know it's been a couple years since I've touched it, since I've had a couple people ask about it, and I think I can do it without much difficulty by using the longer international cut as a base, much as in the previous days I used the original DBZ as a base. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get bluesun back to translate the final ending, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to motivate myself to go back and finally upgrade the earlier episodes to BluRay source. I'll do what I can.

Dragon Ball Kai 137-139 (!)

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This has taken too long... Even attempting to catch up is still going to run us quite some time. If we can, we can, and if we can't, we can't. No promises, just if it gets done, it gets done.

DBK: *sigh*

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I've got 5 eps in the queue just waiting on translation check, and have been sitting there for weeks. This doesn't include the 2 more episodes that haven't even gotten past me because the queue of episodes beyond me was so long.

Any of you who followed The Moonlighters' progress on Conan may be familiar with the situation: translator (in this case translation checker) has something go wrong, insists everything is fine, so as far as everyone else knows, everything's fine. Then some time down the road, we find out, everything was not fine, but we were being kept in the dark the whole time, probably because he didn't want to let us down. Which leads to everyone else being forced to keep up a fa├žade - because as far as we know, nothing's wrong, everything's just peachy! But it's not.

A couple weeks ago he lost his main computer to a power surge - and he said he'd redownload the files onto a spare computer to work on, so we didn't think much of it. We kept going on figuring it wouldn't take too long before we'd be able to get at least partly caught up. And we waited... and waited...

I'm sorry that I had to say this. I don't want to drop this project. I still don't intend to drop it, although I understand most of you aren't going to care one way or another when I finally release any further DBK, because Unison's out there. (I don't watch other groups' subs of projects I'm working on, so I don't know how good or bad Unison is.) I've had to give an ultimatum and say I'd make an attempt to finish those 5 episodes alone if they couldn't be in my hands by the end of this week. The 2 (soon 3) following, I'll probably have to do without a translation checker as well - it shouldn't be too bad apart narrations and previews, and hopefully my editor, who has a job now, will still have the time to pitch in.

The bright side of all this is DBK is absolutely finite. The end is in sight. That couldn't be said about the other projects I've tried to pick up. Even if I can't keep up with weekly airings, I will try to at least see this thing through to the end.

Dragon Ball Kai 135-136

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DBK 137-138's still being worked on. We'll catch up eventually.

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Dragon Ball Kai 133-134 & Update

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Now don't get your knickers in a twist. Unlike me, the other two people working on these subs have lives; like me, they have other projects with different priorities. Remember, this is a side project; we don't live, breathe, eat and sleep Dragon Ball Kai. And being called "f*gs" and "bitches" because we don't release on your schedule is not helping matters.

Dragon Ball Kai 135 is underway. It will be released when we are ready to release it, and not a second before.

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DBK: So, what's the holdup? Kai

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As you may or may not be aware, Baaro Fansubs borrows staff from The-Moonlighters to work on Dragon Ball Kai. Part of our DBK team has expressed a preference for getting a couple almost-finished episodes of another series ready to release which have been lying around for a while, and therefore the remainder of the team will be unavailable to work on DBK until then. I can't say I blame them.

This leaves me two options:

  1. I could just finish the most recent episode myself, and settle for the massive quality drop that would entail (note the translation "quality" of Lunamentens speedsubs from back in 2010, which is what two of the M-L staff joined this project to avert).
  2. I could wait until the rest of the team is ready, releasing in batch if necessary.

As much as I would rather not have the episodes held up this long, at this point I would still prefer that this week's episode be held back until the rest of the team is ready, to maintain the standard of quality that we have been able to achieve until now. I might change my mind if a backlog starts piling up.

Dragon Ball Kai 132

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Whew. Once I'm not in such a whirlwind state to get this up, I'll prolly bring back the screenshot of the day.

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Dragon Ball Kai 131 & Update

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We were going to hold this off for an hour or so and see about releasing this together with 132, but unforeseen circumstances with our raw caused that to be held up.

Instead of holding this up even longer than we already have, we figured it was best to release 131 now, and while waiting for the final edits to 132, to fix the raw problem (which will take quite some time despite being a very minor problem, since it requires a full re-encode to fix). Most likely the rest of the episode will be done by then, or not too long thereafter.

Remember, we're not a large group and we've been fortunate to be able to release what we have so far.

And to the entitled idiot who spammed our blog with 23 comments about how "you suck and need to drop DBK"... You do realize there's only one other group bothering with DBK, and they're several weeks behind? You'll be waiting far longer for them than you'll ever wait for DBK from us.

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Dragon Ball Kai 130

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We're still looking for someone in France who can cap DBK from J-ONE, if possible. If you would like to help, let Licca know at

Dragon Ball Kai 129

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We just happened to get a NST TS this week - we don't have a dedicated capper for that again yet, so we're still looking for cappers for NST, Tokai TV, or the French network J-One. Please contact Licca in #fusion-rips on if you can/would like to help.

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