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Took a bit longer than planned.

Usually I don't entertain people who try to spam the site to promote their own encodes or whatever, but I got a comment in my spam filter that I felt merited attention (although the commenting engine wouldn't let me delete the link and then post the comment with edits, so my only choice was to leave it in the trap).

This person says he checked the Baaro XDCC bot and found "just TV rips with pretty low quality". Apparently he has a vision problem: apart from the "remastered" episodes, none of our episodes prior to 453 (and we have subbed many episodes prior to 453--in fact almost all our Conan subs are from that period) are DVD rips at a minimum.

Although episodes 453 and up are, in fact, TV rips, they are HDTV rips, and come from the best available sources, and are encoded to the same standards as the DVD rips. They should be higher quality than DVD rips, and they are certainly higher resolution. In all cases the raws are from as close to source as possible - the original DVDs, the original VOD streams, the original broadcast transport streams - and are never taken from publicly available encodes (unless said encodes come from our own staff, or those of our sister groups on Hoshinet).

I suspect the real reason for the comment was that the poster merely wished to pump his own raws. As, again, I could not delete part of the comment and let the remainder stand, I had to leave the comment unapproved; as there was no way to make this post make sense in a thread, I felt it necessary to create a separate post on the blog to clarify matters, in case someone else thinks we use substandard public raws on our releases.

Detective Conan 474 - Baaro Fansubs

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So I banged out a quick resub over the past few days to prove that I was still alive. I was originally going to do it as part of the DCHD project but decided to start from scratch (or rather, from the English manga) instead.

So a funny thing happened... - Baaro Fansubs

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I wound up getting involved with Kienai Fansubs on Detective Conan: Episode "ONE", and now I'm part of the group...

This doesn't mean that Baaro will cease to exist, but we'll be working together on improving some of the older episodes of Detective Conan, which had in the past 5 years been my bread and butter.

It's also why there's been a bit of radio silence on my end as of late.

I'm getting ready to work on the last leg of the Japanese cut of Dragon Ball Kai. Fortunately, I won't be working from TV rips...unfortunately, apart from a possible offer from the old translator to provide me with a translation of the final ending theme, I'm not going to be able to get the old (proto-DragonTeam) group back together, as they've moved on.

This is more to bring closure to the project, although I know it's been a couple years since I've touched it, since I've had a couple people ask about it, and I think I can do it without much difficulty by using the longer international cut as a base, much as in the previous days I used the original DBZ as a base. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to get bluesun back to translate the final ending, and I can't guarantee that I'll be able to motivate myself to go back and finally upgrade the earlier episodes to BluRay source. I'll do what I can.

Detective Conan 72 Remastered - Baaro Fansubs

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Content removed.

Detective Conan 101 Remastered - Baaro Fansubs

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Content removed.

Detective Conan 100 Remastered - Baaro Fansubs

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Of course there was no doubt that we were going to do this case, although I didn't place a high priority on getting 100' out until 101' was released -- that is, until someone who didn't know what he was doing (to be fair, he admitted as much - which is more than we usually deal with) decided to do a speedsub. (Thankfully, using the ColdFusion/Baaro subs, and thus mostly the official translation, instead of some ancient fansub. :P) This of course means I had to put it on top priority to get an actual Baaro sub out.

By the way, something you won't get with a public raw, but you will get with our encodes: I cleaned up a lot of the earthquake news flash *by hand* before resorting to a second source to get rid of the rest.

Back in November 2014, I started getting raw rips of Detective Conan in HD, starting from the first episode when they switched to widescreen, from satellite TV in Japan. I hung on to these rips, and did encodes from them, but I really wanted to use them to make subtitles - especially for episodes which were originally not available to the subbers in HD, and which were only released in the measly resolution (standard at the time) of 704x396.

For a while, I didn't do anything with the opportunity. Making bad blood with DCTP is not something I want to do, even now. But here was this chance - to make bad subs good and to make good subs better - and I didn't want to let it pass by. The idea of Project DCHD is to take DCTP's subs which were originally released only in 396p, give them a coat of paint, and put them on new 720p raws. I will credit them as completely as possible.

Here's some improvements I intend to make:

  1. The song translations are completely redone, mostly by bluesun (of The Moonlighters). Other boilerplate translations are generally edited to match The Moonlighters and Baaro Fansubs conventions.
  2. Timing and typesetting completely redone from scratch out of necessity. This also means sometimes, line breaks are changed.
  3. As far as ability and/or availability permits, additional editing and TLC is done. Some of these episodes, let's be honest, really need it. You occasionally find a line that's a complete howler.

I would like to emphasize that these are not official DCTP releases, they're Baaro releases adapted from DCTP's work.

Detective Conan 744-745v2 - Baaro Fansubs

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Replacement video track with different logo mask for the second half. No other changes.