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Lupin III Part III 03

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Lupin III Part III 02

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I didn't have access to the remaster for this episode, so I attempted to remaster it myself, and the results are mixed...but not that bad. If I get the remaster, I'll use it.

I will probably need a translator for episodes 31-50. If you'd like to help, you can find me under the handle "Licca" on irc.hoshinet.org in #the-moonlighters and #fusion-rips.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS 02

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It's been a while since I released episode 1, so I dusted this off and finished polishing it up. It's not as good as it would have been had I still had bluesun to help edit, but it should be fine.

I will be adding episode 1 to the Baaro XDCC bot in Fusion-Rips (#fusion-rips on irc.hoshinet.org) as well. Thanks to yesy for their original work on this and Taedium for the previous softsubbed version which I based most of this sub upon.

Detective Conan 230-231

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A secret makes a woman woman...

Lupin III Part III 01

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I recycled an oped translation bluesun did for an earlier, larger project that didn't come to pass because Hulu has episodes 1-30 now. Otherwise I just did some light tweaking.

I don't have the whole series raw yet, so future episodes may not be immediately forthcoming, depending on whether I can acquire them.

Detective Conan 415-417 (v2)

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When we released the v1 of these episodes, I promised that if I was able to get bluesun to translate the songs, I would replace the translations I used (2 of which were my own) with his, since he is a much better translator than I am, but he wasn't up to translating anything then.

The base translation is unchanged. The encodes are unchanged. I just replaced the song translations with his.

A little note: When bluesun was translating Growing of my heart, he noticed that the title made no sense in context until you replace the R with an L; his assertion is that "growing of my heart" was a botched translation of the phrase "kagayakihajimeta kokoro" appearing elsewhere in the lyrics. This is only done in the translation; the romaji remains as it was. Thought I should explain why the romaji and onscreen text still says growing while the subs now read glowing.

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