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First: Anyone who e-mailed me, check your spamtraps - I know several people e-mailed me from gmail and they send my mail to spam by default.

Second: I was feeling a bit better and decided to time another sub. Bad choice - but I was able to finish that. Sorry to whoever I offered DC209 - I'll have to give you something else :( (unless you want to test your chops on it).

Currently, my focus has been on Detective Conan episodes where in many cases I have a complete translation base (sometimes two or more) to work from, rather than Dragon Ball Kai where I'm often missing stuff, and prefer to have an actual translator fill that in. (The only ones who've been available for Baaro have been The-Moonlighters' translators. You know how that's working out - their main translator's computer bit the dust and their other translator's had more important stuff to do.)

I may have mentioned, but for Conan, I have a good chunk of the series from where Funimation left off with semi-official subtitles as aired on the Los Angeles TV station KSCI. These cover episodes 128-131, 150-155 and, currently, 157-343. Apart my usual policy of not touching DCTP or Kienai's episodes without a valid reason, I have been trying to focus mostly on this - as if I have to, I can do it alone, although the results still won't be very pretty. (They're quite accurate as translations go, but occasionally they deteriorate into "all your base are belong to us" Engrish.) This is where I will probably continue to focus Baaro's effort as long as that's where I feel it is best expended.

As for DBK? If we manage to get up to capacity, I'm willing to continue both where I left off and at whatever episode is then airing. I don't see it as a priority because apart from the theme songs, I feel it's bound to get a release here eventually, at at least the same level of quality as the subtitles we've been putting out. (Funimation used the same translator for DBZ and DBK, although DBK is newly translated. We just used the old Z subs and gave them some polish.) For that reason, I've had DBK on the back burner until we're back up to capacity.

Some people have asked: Why not join up with some other group? The shows I sub are mostly niche, while a lot of other groups favor what's new and happening. There's not many shows that X other group would be interested in doing that I'd also want to do. And as for anything which CrunchyRoll has - We did Sailor Moon Crystal for a while because the subs were raw studio translations and needed the cleanup. Later eps no longer needed that, so we stopped (until the US release, when sister project Fusion-Rips can pick up what we did). But in general, we don't see the point of "fixing" CR subs - they're just fine as they are. Maybe if they get BD releases.

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