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I've got 5 eps in the queue just waiting on translation check, and have been sitting there for weeks. This doesn't include the 2 more episodes that haven't even gotten past me because the queue of episodes beyond me was so long.

Any of you who followed The Moonlighters' progress on Conan may be familiar with the situation: translator (in this case translation checker) has something go wrong, insists everything is fine, so as far as everyone else knows, everything's fine. Then some time down the road, we find out, everything was not fine, but we were being kept in the dark the whole time, probably because he didn't want to let us down. Which leads to everyone else being forced to keep up a façade - because as far as we know, nothing's wrong, everything's just peachy! But it's not.

A couple weeks ago he lost his main computer to a power surge - and he said he'd redownload the files onto a spare computer to work on, so we didn't think much of it. We kept going on figuring it wouldn't take too long before we'd be able to get at least partly caught up. And we waited... and waited...

I'm sorry that I had to say this. I don't want to drop this project. I still don't intend to drop it, although I understand most of you aren't going to care one way or another when I finally release any further DBK, because Unison's out there. (I don't watch other groups' subs of projects I'm working on, so I don't know how good or bad Unison is.) I've had to give an ultimatum and say I'd make an attempt to finish those 5 episodes alone if they couldn't be in my hands by the end of this week. The 2 (soon 3) following, I'll probably have to do without a translation checker as well - it shouldn't be too bad apart narrations and previews, and hopefully my editor, who has a job now, will still have the time to pitch in.

The bright side of all this is DBK is absolutely finite. The end is in sight. That couldn't be said about the other projects I've tried to pick up. Even if I can't keep up with weekly airings, I will try to at least see this thing through to the end.

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