Detective Conan 138-139

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So, here's the long and the short of it...

You've probably known for some time, that wherever possible, I have been relying on the official English manga. (I've managed to get about half of it so far, and have been buying more volumes as I've been able to afford it.)

For the rest, I've had to rely on whatever I have available - audio (my translation skills aren't all that great, although they're better than nothing) and in some cases dub scripts (I have them for a fair Catalan, which I don't speak although I can somewhat understand it).

So...yeah. Since I'm no longer able to get help from the Moonlighters team for my projects (witness how DBK crashed and burned) I've been trying to cover what I can by myself. That's right, there's only one of "us" right now. Though I can't say I haven't been able to make do, it would be nice if I were able to handle stuff I can't do alone. Also, I'll admit I'm really not a very good editor, and in these episodes, it shows a bit more than it did in the last release. I still think I've produced a better release than the previous sub, though I really wish I could do better still.

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