Detective Conan 150-151

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So these two episodes managed to go through no one but me, for better or worse, which probably confirms that I really need a better editor. :P

I've been holding onto these for a while for a couple reasons - was hoping to find someone else to look them over, but also because I wanted to use the much higher quality of the opening I've had access to for a couple years now but couldn't use because when The Moonlighters gave it to me, I promised I wouldn't use it until after they did. (They released 162 earlier today, with the same custom opening.)

For those of you who don't follow on Nyaa, I'm trying to get an actual dedicated team together (by which I mean editors and translators/translation checkers other than myself) so I can do some more serious subbing. I can only time maybe a couple episodes a week without hurting myself too badly, I think. The easiest way to contact me is over on #fusion-rips.

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