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In my last entry, as well as the comments, I brought up some of the issues that had been affecting Baaro lately. I was actually surprised at the reaction, since I was under the impression that it was the Nyaa posts, not the blog posts, that people were reading - and often they were the same, but I made a lot more posts on Nyaa which included many raw releases, as well as my work with other groups.

Over the past several years, I'd gathered a power team (bluesun, Puto and SakoeraTyan; you may know them as the main crew from The Moonlighters) who helped me on my projects and who I helped on some of theirs. Before this I had, at best, a revolving door crew who would come and go. I'd like to thank everyone who's been with me all this time.

Well, it turned into a single point of failure, as I've been relying on bluesun because I'm only a mediocre translator at best, and he's pretty good, but there's been nobody else I could ask for help. And as I said on the last entry, when he's in a slump, he's really in a slump. So really, I need to find people to help me with the projects which he and the rest of M-L's team had been helping me on in the past (which means, basically, Dragon Ball Kai, Lupin III Part 3 and classic Detective Conan).

I guess the tl;dr of this is, I really need to build a Baaro fansub team, you know, translator/translation checker, editor and such, instead of simply borrowing the only people I've been able to count on since 2011.

In addition to contacting me here, my e-mail is or I am usually around in #fusion-rips on

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