The Conan 132-134 Question

I have often been asked, "Why don't you redo Puto's Detective Conan 132-134?" This is probably the single most frequently asked question, and I suppose it merits a whole page for its answer.

Puto specifically asked me not to redo these episodes, for two reasons - the first being that he put a lot more work into them than into his earlier subs and they had a full translation check and edit.

The second reason, which expands on the first, is that those subs are essentially the beginning of the team that would become the core of The Moonlighters' Conan team: of the 4 members of the current team (all of whom contribute to our subs from time to time as well) these subs were done by 3 members, all serving in a translation-related role. (I was the one who translated the ending; this is the same translation in Baaro's 135-137 and 141-142, and will be used in other Baaro subs as well.)

For these reasons, Baaro will not be re-subbing those episodes.

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