We're Recruiting!

This is something I felt needed to get a separate page, rather than an entry in ye olde blogge...

As you may or may not be aware, for much of its existence I've been the sole person here, although I've done a lot of work with my previous group The Moonlighters (and am still very involved there) and they've given me a hand now and then too.

M-L's crew has mostly moved on to other projects and real life, so it's just me again, doing my best to keep up producing good fansubs for great shows. And with that said, I can only do so much by myself, although I will continue to chug away (mainly at Detective Conan) and I will continue to sub what I can, as I am able to do so.

I'd like to be able to do more timely releases, as well as to pick up more series that may be of interest to older anime fans like myself.

We're mainly looking for translators/translation checkers and editors. Timers would be of help too (I've mentioned the problems I've had on that after timing way too many subs way too fast). For translators, I of course mostly mean Japanese to English, although in some specific circumstances, Catalan or Spanish may be helpful too.

I'm not that great of a translator but I know well enough to be able to spot serious errors - so I will in a way test a translator first.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is on IRC, in #fusion-rips on irc.hoshinet.org, where I lurk under the handle Licca (not to be confused with anyone else who goes by Licca on other networks, although I also use the handle on Rizon from time to time). If I'm not around, my handle will be slightly changed.

If the Baaro project grows big enough, I'll split it off into its own channel, but I didn't figure that a one-person project really merited that yet.

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